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A take-off is in effect a quantification of the components and material required to complete a project. It takes into account the specifications and design material in order to provide a Bill of Quantities - that is - a schedule of the material which will be required to construct the project in accordance with the requirements.

A detailed bill will direct the cost and time required to complete a project and is an essential document at all phases of construction. At tender, it underpins your pricing. During the construction process it can assist your cash flow forecast and subcontract valuations and at the end of the project it can form a key negotiating tool for finalising the costs on your project.



At Tender

Quantitys undertake fully electronic Take-Offs and produce detailed bills of quantities ready for you to price with your unit rates. Produce a standardised BOQ to provide to subcontractors to ensure like-for-like tender submissions.


Interim Variations

Quantitys can provide on or off site measurement of progress from agreed drawings or site visits as required. Be sure that you are capturing your upstream entitlement; or keep your downstream costs in check with a payment claim audit.



It's not an uncommon occurrance that design information changes significantly from time to time. Contractual timeframes can mean that you have a limited window in which to review new drawings issued for Construction. Quantitys can provide indexed, marked-up drawing comparisons to make sure that you are aware of the changes which have occurred between revisions


Final Account

Give your final accounts and additional layer of rigidity by a re-measure either form As-Built documentation or on site measure. A thorough final measure is essential on re-measurable, schedule of rates contract and can save costs and bolster your final claim position. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Incredible work! Take-offs were completed quickly and accurately and allowed us to ease the pressure on our team! Adrian McAllister SGCFM

  • By outsourcing our take-offs to Quantitys we freed up our limited resources reliably! John Anthony

  • Submissions are always processed quickly and presented in a clear and detailed mannor, fast becoming a regular. Erica Richards

  • DThey say they innovate and they certainly delivered. A comprehensive scope breakdown which we used for our subcontract tenders!John Rogan

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