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Taking the Spread Sheet to the Next Level.

For Quantitys, Microsoft Excel has been a daily feature for our work for the last 14 Years – it is simply a tool of the trade! But many do not realise just how versatile and powerful a package it can be.

We understand that the solution that works and is needed isn't always an expensive roll-out of a new software package with the associated learning curve, implementation time and ongoing costs; and many of our clients want a simple-to-use solution that works for the immediate or long-term problem that they are facing, Big or Small. That's why many of our clients return to us on a regular basis for a tailor-made solution.

We can assess any spreadsheet and manipulate it almost anyway imaginable. Each solution is custom made from the ground up to ensure it suits your needs.

Examples of our Solutions have included:

  • Project Controls Dashboards
  • Project Wide Cost and Claim analysis Dashboards
  • Spreadsheets to Automate the creation of PDF Dayworks sheets
  • Spreadsheets to Translate Datasets between different systems
  • Automated spreadsheets to create in-depth quotations
  • Password Controlled Spreadsheets



At Tender

Quantitys undertake fully electronic Take-Offs and produce detailed bills of quantities ready for you to price with your unit rates. Produce a standardised BOQ to provide to subcontractors to ensure like-for-like tender submissions.


Interim Variations

Quantitys can provide on or off site measurement of progress from agreed drawings or site visits as required. Be sure that you are capturing your upstream entitlement; or keep your downstream costs in check with a payment claim audit.



It's not an uncommon occurrance that design information changes significantly from time to time. Contractual timeframes can mean that you have a limited window in which to review new drawings issued for Construction. Quantitys can provide indexed, marked-up drawing comparisons to make sure that you are aware of the changes which have occurred between revisions


Final Account

Give your final accounts and additional layer of rigidity by a re-measure either form As-Built documentation or on site measure. A thorough final measure is essential on re-measurable, schedule of rates contract and can save costs and bolster your final claim position. Contact us today to find out more.

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